New Era

Reposting from my personal facebook post on first day of Reiwa.

Goodbye 平成、Hello 令和






Goodbye 平成(Heisei)、Hello 令和(Reiwa)

During the half of the Heisei period, I either was too young to remember or spent most of it in the U.S., But it was an important time in my life that I grew as a person. The new era, Reiwa was named with the meaning of individuals in Japan to blossom like a flower with hope for the future in their hearts.

As many Japanese people are hoping, I hope Reiwa will be the time of peace and have less natural disasters.

To do so, we must face the environmental issue now. Otherwise, we won't be able to blossom as a human being, there will be no plant life to grow, many natural disasters will happen, and people won't even be able to live a normal daily life. I believe that Japan knows the power of nature better than the most since we have suffered from many natural disasters throughout history. We have 12 years left to stop climate change. If we can't reduce the CO2 emission by 45% of the current rate by 2030 (Reiwa 12) we won't be able to avoid climate change.

Let's start taking action so we all can live life to the fullest Reiwa and beyond.