Action lists

 I have been taking small actions like carrying water bottle, donating instead of trashing, shopping at farmers market often for many years, but here are some actions I started to take in recent years.


1. No plastic bottled drink for 1 year and 8months

2. No plastic tooth brush for 9 months

3. No plastic wrap for 8 months

4. No silicone in my shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, skincare, makeup for 8 months

And my 2019 goals are

1. Stop shopping at fast fashion brand, purchase used items much as possible or purchase from environmentally responsible brand.

2. 0 plastic shopping bag, plastic cup drink and 0 straw

3. buy only glass bottled items (beauty products, food items) and non plastic packaged item if there  is options.

4. Stop buying plastic packaged bento or using plastic utensil

5. Carry handcuffs!


I was already working on them prior to this year,  but made more clear commitments to myself. I’ve also challenged myself to only bought vegetables that is not packaged in plastic in April. (I will write a post soon, but it’s bit difficult to do in Japan...)


What I am interested in are

1. Start composting community

2. Go visit local waste treatment plant & water treatment plant

3. Clean beaches

4. Start a store???


1-3 is definitely achievable, especially 3. I’m going to clean the beach at ibaraki when I go home at the end of this month!